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30. April 2018 0 Comments

A stiffer regulatory environment for clinical research, heavy cost pressure on healthcare systems as well as the advent of the internet are changing the dynamics between healthcare providers, patients, policy makers and their healthcare system. But manufacturing problems and concerns around drug safety for pharmaceuticals still exist in India. In India the quality oversight is less intensive and the Bhardwaj Quality Chain focusses at just that. We apply ourselves in the areas of clinical policy, safety, and regulatory considerations for generic oncology and haematology drugs focusing on India.

Owing to our industry specific experiences in different parts of the world, we have been able to collaboratively develop procedures to monitor the production, shipment, storage, and post- marketing safety of generic oncology and haematology drugs.

Our drugs take into account the crucial twin quality aspects of bioequivalence and regulatory approval.

Our Quality Chain between suppliers, manufacturers, transporters, distributors, retailers and our own staff (technical, administrative and commercial), are designed and implemented in such a manner that efficacy of our goods remain unaffected.

Our training modules and knowledge dissemination structures are well defined and systematically executed to provide scientific information to the practitioners, pharmacists, nurses and other professionals involved in the quality chain.

Our state-of- the-art manufacturing facilities are GDP, GVP, GLP and cGMP compliant (current Good Manufacturing Practices) in conformity with national and international standards. They are equipped with hi-tech sophisticated machinery to achieve a high level of accuracy and precision.

Our quality control laboratories have the latest high precision equipment that build quality at every stage of processing including inputs. We have a dedicated pool of talent which consistently ensures that the highest quality and safety standards are followed, as we develop our products.

We maintain quality of high international standards for our products and services across domestic and overseas markets, ensuring and assuring thereby, that every patient has access to the best medicines in the world.

We constantly urge an upgrade of our manufacturing facilities and ensure adaptation of the most recent technological innovations in our facilities. We continually aim to consistently excel and produce high quality medicines at an affordable price.

All this and more to guarantee the quality of medicine to the customer and to stand by the assurance behind the commitment of good health made to the customer.


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