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Bhardwaj – The Company

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Bhardwaj India Pvt. Ltd. is a subsidiary of Bhardwaj GmbH, Germany – a company by virtue of Law of Germany and incorporated in Hamburg Germany in year 2008. Through Bhardwaj India Pvt. Ltd. we aim to bring home, the quality and excellence acquired and

Bhardwaj Mission & Vision

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The Bhardwaj Mission: To incorporate and adopt the best practices, technology, research methods, skill, expertise, protocols and know-how from across the globe, in operations, manufacturing, distribution & pharmacovigilance on ground. Thereby rendering an everlasting impact against cancer in the markets and

Values at Bhardwaj

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Bhardwaj, has imbibed within its DNA, certain values which present themselves at every juncture of our processes and operational protocols. While our objectives are clearly defined, we have made sure that a value system is in place for us to follow, while we set

The Bhardwaj Legacy

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Our promoters are fortunate enough to have their roots in India – The land of Ayurveda, Yoga, Sushrut & Charak. The ancient medical science of our country is known to have nurtured the beginnings of modern day healthcare advancements. It is said that the Bhardwaj family of Rishis (ascetics) gave birth to the science of

Bhardwaj Quality Insight

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A stiffer regulatory environment for clinical research, heavy cost pressure on healthcare systems as well as the advent of the internet are changing the dynamics between healthcare providers, patients, policy makers and their healthcare system. But manufacturing problems and concerns around drug safety for

Our Team

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Bhardwaj India Private Limited was founded by Mr. Bhupendera Mohan Bhardwaj in the year 2015 as a subsidiary of Bhardwaj GmbH,  Germany, a company by virtue of Law of Germany