The Bhardwaj Legacy

30. April 2018 0 Comments

Our promoters are fortunate enough to have their roots in India – The land of Ayurveda, Yoga, Sushrut & Charak. The ancient medical science of our country is known to have nurtured the beginnings of modern day healthcare advancements. It is said that the Bhardwaj family of Rishis (ascetics) gave birth to the science of Ayurveda – a precursor to the modern day medicine.

And while it may be a beautiful co-incidence, we do take the name of our institution – ‘Bhardwaj’ seriously enough to keep delivering an assurance – made first by our forefathers.

In our endeavour to disseminate knowledge in its truest form to medical practitioners and quality medicines to the ailing patients of the world, Bhardwaj stands firm as an assurance to every medical practitioner’s commitment to his/her patient.

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